New manual for diversification of programs in Serbia

In 2013 VBJK worked on a manual for the IMPRES-project on diversification of programs for pre-school education.

More information on the project.
Download the manual and the practicum.

VBJK member of the ISSA-network

VBJK is a full member of the ISSA-network (International Step by Step Association), a learning community for inclusive, equitable and high-quality care and education for all young children. Visit their website.

Petition! Put early childhood development at the heart of the new post-2015 development framework

ISSA encourages its members and partners to sign a petition to champion an integrated approach to early childhood development for every child in every country and to put early childhood development at the heart of the UN post-2015 development agenda. Watch a powerful advocacy video from the campaign of the University of Northampton, one of ISSA's Affiliate Members. Your support is crucial! More signatures are needed to get the petition presented at the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals in June. Sign the petition now! Please use your own networks and social media channels to spread the word! Read more

When WANDA meets ISSA

VBJK, Centre for Innovation in the Early Years has set up a research on the effects of pedagogical counseling on the quality of ECEC (Peeters, 2008). Based on this scientific evidence, a Dutch handbook for pedagogical coaches was developed and tested out during two years in Flanders. ‘The Wanda' method got an award from the European Social Found and extra funding to disseminate the method in other European countries. Download the 'Wanda project description and materials' here. To watch the Wanda-videos, click here. Read more

Evens Prize for Peace Education 2015 - Call for Applications

Through the 2015 Peace Education Prize, the Evens Foundation seeks to recognize and honor initiatives or practices that awaken and strengthen the social competence of preschool children, with particular focus on skills that facilitate a constructive attitude towards conflicts. More information.

Presentations from the seminar on early childhood education and care which took place in Brussels on 4 December 2013

The presentations of the seminar on early childhood education and care which took place on 4 December 2013 in Brussels are now available online. Download the presentations.

Transatlantic Forum Inclusive Early Years (TFIEY)

On july 10-12th VBJK co-organized a high level conference in New York on hot topics regarding professionalisation in ECEC services, with a focus on better serving children from migrant and low income families. This conference is part of the TFIEY, a project of the Belgian King Baudoin Foundation and funded by several European and US foundations. In this meeting several experts debated on innovations in curricula for children aged 0-6 years and on different types of workforce preparation. Together with the participants from different countries, on both sides of the Atlantic, we discussed what kind of workforce is needed to better serve the specific needs of children from these vulnerable families and what the content of ECEC services could be to serve their interests. Click here to watch the video. For the synthesis report, click here. Read more

Jan Peeters at Sardes Educational Dialogue (SED)

On October 2nd 2013, Jan Peeters talked about preschool and after school childcare at the International Masterclass at Sardes (Utrecht). Watch him here.

Jan Peeters in the European Parliament

In November, Jan Peeters was invited by the European Parliament for a lecture on the Belgium model on public funded childcare. Click here for the report.
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