Systematic literature review on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) (2013-2015)

VBJK was the promoter of a research commissioned by Eurofound entitled Early Childhood Care: working conditions, training and quality of services - A systematic review. The topic of this systematic review is the impact of professional development opportunities on the quality of services with a particular focus on the outcomes of children and staff child interaction. By adopting the systematic review methodology elaborated by the EPPI-Centre of the London Institute of Education, the study systematically examines the findings of national and international research on ECEC quality, staff working conditions and of interventions of professional development in order to gather policy-relevant information that could support decision makers in prioritising public spending in times of austerity. Read the report. Read more

Transatlantic Forum Inclusive Early Years (TFIEY)

On july 10-12th VBJK co-organized a high level conference in New York on hot topics regarding professionalisation in ECEC services, with a focus on better serving children from migrant and low income families. This conference is part of the TFIEY, a project of the Belgian King Baudoin Foundation and funded by several European and US foundations. In this meeting several experts debated on innovations in curricula for children aged 0-6 years and on different types of workforce preparation. Together with the participants from different countries, on both sides of the Atlantic, we discussed what kind of workforce is needed to better serve the specific needs of children from these vulnerable families and what the content of ECEC services could be to serve their interests. Click here to watch the video. For the synthesis report, click here. Read more

Eurofound publishes a report on Parenting support in Europe

Eurofound has published a report on parenting support, in which VBJK developed the case study with the cooperation of F. Pirard en P. Camus. Several countries were involved in the preparation of the report.

Read the report.

VBJK involved in a project for the European Commission: 'Study on the effective use of ECEC in preventing early school leaving'

In this study, evidence was collected on how equitable and high quality ECEC can influence the performance of children in the subsequent stages of education and possibly contribute to the prevention of early school leaving.
Download the reports and annexes:
Read more

TOY-Conference - 28 October 2014, Leiden

"There is not one age period that affects an individual's development more than the others, and there is not an optimum or peak age for learning". These and many other wise thoughts were quoted at the TOY-Conference in Leiden. Practice staff, researchers and local authorities from seven European countries debated about their experiences and activities in settings where young children and seniors learn from each other. Inspire yourself and visit the conference web page.

ISSA International Conference - Budapest, 10-12 October, 2014

This year's conference marked the 15th anniversary of ISSA and the 20th anniversary of the Open Society Foundations' Step by Step Program. With the attendance of 450 participants, the forum lead to an enriching debate around ECEC practices which will contribute to the professional development of many of our fellow colleagues. Access the conference's website if you wish to download the presentations of the keynote speakers and the photo slideshow. If you have attended, please take a few minutes to fill in a brief online survey. Read more

Working group report on the ECEC Quality Framework

The working group report on the ECEC Quality Framework has been published on the web. Download the thematic working group documents and the Quality Framework or view the ECEC policies in the EU.

New manual for diversification of programs in Serbia

In 2013 VBJK worked on a manual for the IMPRES-project on diversification of programs for pre-school education.

More information on the project.
Download the manual and the practicum.

VBJK member of the ISSA-network

VBJK is a full member of the ISSA-network (International Step by Step Association), a learning community for inclusive, equitable and high-quality care and education for all young children. Visit their website.
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