Jan Peeters

Dr. Jan Peeters is the coordinator of the Centre for Innovation in the Early Years of the Department of Social Welfare Studies at the Ghent University (Belgium).


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He acquired a PhD on ‘An international perspective on professionalism in ECE in Flanders’ in 2008. He has been promoting several innovative transnational Early Childhood Education and Care action-research projects since 1992 and has written numerous articles and has given since many years presentations on international conferences on professionalism, gender, poverty and diversity in the early years. Together with other international colleagues, he founded in 1998 the European DECET network on Diversity and professional development in ECE.


He is the author of two books on professionalism, one in English on ECE in New Zealand, France, England and Denmark: 'The Construction of a New Profession' (2008) and one in Dutch on professionalism in Flanders in an international perspective: 'De Warme professional' (2008). He organised a European conference in 2008 in Brussels: ‘Quality jobs for ECE’.


He is co-founder (2001) of the European magazine Children in Europe, a joint publication in 15 languages, that is distributed in 18 countries and he is since 10 years member of the editorial board. He was the guest editor of an issue on professionalism: ‘Aiming high: a professional workforce for the early years’ with contributions from renowed experts of 10 different countries.


He worked as advisor for the OECD Network Starting Strong from 2006 till 2008. He is elected in the board of the international Step by Step Association, an Eastern European and Central Asian ECE Network of 27 countries.


Jan Peeters was senior researcher in the Competences Requirements in Early Childhood Education and Care (CoRe research), commissioned by the European Commission DG Education and Culture, in collaboration with DSWS (Ghent University, Prof Vandenbroeck, Katrien Van Laere and dr. Arianna Lazzari) and University of East London (dr. Mathias Urban). Jan Peeters was also in charge of the case study on the system of pedagogical coaching in the city of Ghent that exists since 1979. Jan Peeters organised a conference in Brussels (October, 2011) to disseminate the results of CoRe.


Jan Peeters was the head of the program committee of an international conference on the importance of workforce preparation in ECE: Co-constructing professional Development in ECEC in Opatija (14-17 October Croatia). This conference was attended by 340 participants from 47 different countries. 


Jan Peeters is involved as ECEC key expert in the Study on the effective use of early childhood education and care in preventing early school leaving (2013-2014) commissioned by DG EAC. This study includes 34 European countries. 


Jan Peeters and two colleagues from VBJK Innovation in the Early Years, together with the Migration Policy Institute (USA) are responsible for the organisation of the Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years (TFIEY) on accessibility and workforce preparation (2013). Funded and commissioned by the King Baudouin Foundation and a consortium of Foundations from Europe and USA VBJK has to prepare the program of six high level meetings for policymakers and researchers on the importance of quality ECEC and vulnerable groups. Topics debated so far include accessibility (Ghent, January 2013), the impact of workforce preparation on the quality of ECE (New York, July, 2013) and the role of parents in ECE (Lisbon, January 2014). Attendees include ministers, policy makers from different countries and the European Commission as Lieve Fransen Director of Europe 2020 in the Directorate-General of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and Xavier Prats Monnè, Deputy Director-General for Education and Culture (European Commission). For the last meeting a background paper with literature review was written by Lazzari, Vandenbroeck and Peeters: The Early Workforce: A review of European research and good practices. 


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