Michel Vandenbroeck

Michel Vandenbroeck is chairman of VBJK. He is working as professor for the department of Social Welfare Studies of Ghent University.


After 20 years in service of the organisation, he wrote a PhD on the shift in mentality in Flemish childcare (In Verzekerde Bewaring, published by SWP, Amsterdam).  


Michel teaches childcare, family pedagogy and professionalization in Social Work. He develops research on these issues. He has published several books and articles in Belgium and abroad. He cooperates with VBJK in projects on the social function of childcare, professionalisation, diversity, parent support and meeting places for children and parents.


He is a member of the editor's board of European Early Childhood Education Research Journal. Together with professor Ileana Seda-Santana het manages the workpack “Program Development” of the Joint Learning Initiative on Children and Ethnic Division.  



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